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IEEE – IES - INDIN Conference Series MOU

O3neida and the IEEE – IES have signed an MOU for O3neida co sponsorship of the INDIN series of IEEE-IES conferences. This MOU is in effect for the next three years. The next Indin conference will take place in Vienna in July 2007, co-organized by O3neida and the ICT institute of the Technical University of Vienna. Refer to the conferences section of this report and to the Indin’07 web page for further information:

  1. what are O3neida members contributing to INDIN '07?
  2. visability to the conference: CfP on our webpage;
  3. collaboration in the definition of the conference program;
  4. co-chairs for the two O3neida proposed tracks;
  5. co-chair for tutorials;
  6. co-chair for industrial day;
  7. two proposals for tutorials;
  8. two proposals for special sessions;
  9. activities proposed by the TC on Industrial Agents ( co-chaired by O3neida).

IES Technical Committee on Industrial Agents

O3neida is co-chair of this Technical Committee. The work plan for this committee includes several industrial automation related activities.

For further information refer to the TC web