iec iso - network development

O³neida members are involved in several active IEC working groups.

Individual interest in contributing to further work on development and harmonization of the IEC-61131 and 61499 standards has recently been expressed by several O³neida members including ICS Triplex, EDF, Profactor, TUW and Polimi, among others.

O³neida is participating in IEC - Technical Committee 65 focused on Industrial process measurement and control - Sub Committe65 b: Working group 7 - task force 3 focused on Programming languages for Programmable Controllers - IEC-61131; Working group 15 - Function Blocks - IEC 61499.

The O³neida 61499 Execution Model Working Group (see Standards Development Section above) can be described as an activity to support the above mentioned IEC Working Groups efforts for harmonizing and further developing the two standards. O³neida has also been invited and will co-operate with the members of the SB3, an IEC-ISO joint sector board to develop an Automation Objects Development Framework. This invitation stemmed from an earlier invitation to O³neida to attend the IEC / ISO Sector Board 3 meeting held in the summer of 2006 in the USA. O³neida was invited to make a presentation on the role and objectives of the organisation. 

The SB3 meeting dealt with several issues, the most important being the automation objects development framework project launched within the group within the past year. This issue is discussed in more detail in the standards development section of this report.