Members - legal information

The definitions of membership categories given in the Member Rights and Responsibilities apply for the purposes of this agreement. In addition the following definitions apply for all members of O³neida including members of O³neida Europe and O³neida Asia:

O³neida MEMBER: Any party agreeing to the Member Rights and Responsibilities (which include this Agreement by reference) and approved for membership by the Board of Directors.

O³neida SERVICE: Any service offered by O³neida, O³neida Europe, and/or O³neida Asia for the publication of information to O³neida members or to the general public such as books, journals, mailing lists, discussion groups, training tutorials, collaboration platforms, meeting venues, etc.

All O³neida MEMBERS agree as follows:

  • All information provided by any O³neida MEMBER for publication using any O³neida SERVICE is offered as publicly available information with no restrictions on its use.
  • Any O³neida MEMBER (except Individual and End User Members) may provide, within the information offered for publication using any O³neida SERVICE, information (such as hyperlinks to websites) indicating where the O³neida MEMBER's products, services or intellectual property are offered for sale or licensing.
  • The publication of information using any O³neida SERVICE does not obligate any O³neida MEMBER to license any intellectual property or to provide any additional information whatever to any party.
  • No warranty, condition or representation of any kind is made, given or to be implied in any case as to the sufficiency, accuracy or fitness for purpose of any information provided by any O³neida MEMBER for publication using any O³neida SERVICE, or the absence of any infringement of statutory monopoly or intellectual property rights of third parties by the use of such information, and any party receiving such information shall be entirely responsible for the use to which it is put.
  • The relationship among O³neida MEMBERS is limited to achieving the goals of O³neida so that nothing contained in this Agreement shall constitute any O³neida MEMBER as agent or partner of any other of them, or create any agency or partnership for any purpose whatsoever.
  • Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Agreement or in the Member Rights and Responsibilities , a party does not have any authority to act for, or to create or assume any responsibility or obligation on behalf of any other part.