Network development

The O³neida Network of Networks

O³neida’s organisation structure has been described above as a network of networks.  This structure reflects, in part, O³neida’s roots as a Community of Common Interest within the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) program.  The network structure also describes how O³neida functions as a decentralised organisation with most activity taking place at nodes removed from the central core of the organisation.

O³neida is managed from a policy and administrative perspective by a small Board of Directors based in Europe and Canada represented by the O³neida logo in the centre of the diagram to the right. The Board of Directors sets overall policy for O³neida and is responsible for network development and operational support.

The orange ring in the network diagram is made up of a series of nodes. O³neida Europe is one node on this ring as is the North American company O³neida Inc. Other nodes represent the not yet established O³neida Asia and other major partners such as IEE-IES and ISA. Ołneida’s organisation structure has been described above as a network of networks.

The ring of purple nodes represents projects underway within O³neida, either led internally or led by outside agencies with whom O³neida is collaborating actively.  The projects focus on any and all levels of the value add chain and typically include team members from several different countries and regions.

The final ring of green nodes represents O³neida’s full range of partnerships with other associations, government agencies, standards bodies, and industry or research partners.  The role of this ring is twofold, both roles centred on communications.  O³neida disseminates its project results through these partners and members and also gathers intelligence on current and future distributed industrial automation trends and requirements. O³neida’s Market Trends Analysis and Technology Roadmapping activities rely heavily on partners and members within this ring.

O³neida Principal Network Nodes


Networks are critically important to O³neida. One of our great strengths is to be able to interconnect efforts being undertaken in North America with similar efforts under way in Europe and or Asia.
O³neida is also a broker, facilitating the development of international collaboration within specific R&D projects or standards development efforts in the industrial automation field. O³neida is developing a North American, a European and an Asian node to enable these important networking activities.