O3neida-IEC 61499 Booth at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2012

At SPS/IPC/DRIVES '12 (27-29/11/2012 in Nuremberg) there will be for the first time a booth dedicated to the IEC 61499 standard evolution and its adoption in various automation markets. All IEC 61499 users are invited to visit the booth and to contribute to the success of this initiative by providing info about their 61499 project activities and achievements. A demo wall will be available at the booth and space for posters, brochures/fliers will be available for rent.

IEC 1499 users interested in this initiative and willing to rent demo wall space are invited to contact Antonio Valentini, who coordinates this activity, at:

O3neida cosponsors some conferences such as the IEEE-IES INDIN series and participates in others such as HoloMAS.  Smart Assembly, Interoperability and Automation Objects Development Framework are proposed conferences to be cosponsored by O3neida.  Other partners include ISA, and possibly NIST, IEC / ISO and others to be determined.


O³neida will list conferences pertaining to industrial automation on this Web Site page by request. Preference will be given to conferences that are: co-sponsored by O³neida; Sponsored by an O³neida Corporate Sponsor; Where O³neida is leading one or more Conference Tracks. Please send conference details and Web page links to Allan Martel