ABOUT O³neida

O³neida is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in Canada, operating as O³neida Inc. O³neida operates as a network of networks focused on fostering distributed industrial automation based upon open standards." O³neida will also operate nodes or branches in North America, Europe and Asia. O³neida Europe is now active in Brussels, Belgium. Please contact Antonio Valentini for any matters related to O³neida's European activities.  

One of the main goals of O³neida is to respond rapidly to emerging market and industry driven requirements by mounting research efforts or collaborating in existing research efforts mounted by others.  These efforts might consist of: developing compliance profiles for emerging standards; examining impediments to the automation of smart assembly processes; developing an automation objects framework for developers; mounting open source standards elaboration projects, etc.  O³neida is partnered with several associations, networks, universities, research institutes and firms with respect to these activities.